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I purchased a Phillips Norelco 7300 electric shaver in December since I have purchased Norelco shavers for many years and have always been satisfied with my purchase. Not this time!

The razor itself has a design flaw where the hair blades come off and hair chamber dumps contents all over the place if you slightly bump it. The power switch is on the handler and too often I would accidentally turn off the shaver while shaving which often was enough of a bump to knock off the blades and dump the contents of the hair chamber all over my clothes. This morning I lost a piece of my blades after it came open and decided enough was enough and for the first time have junked a Norelco product wishing I still had my previous Norelco shaver that gave me nearly 10 years of service compared to this shaver that gave me less than 6 months of service. To top it off the cleaning station would often start cleaning with the slightest of touch.

A couple of times when I was trying to remove the razor from the cleaning station, it would begin to clean again. It appears that Norelco never tested this razor since most testers would notice this flaw immediately with the blades coming off and the hair chamber dumping contents with the slightest of a bump.

They also would realize what a pain it is to shave only to hit the power switch accidentally and repeatedly turn off the power. Hopefully this is just one bad product and Norelco hasn't gone downhill on quality realizing they could probably still get people to buy their shavers for a while before word gets out that they build poor quality razors and they go out of business.

Review about: Philips Norelco 7300 Shaver.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I can confirm this is the fact. I have used a Norelco for over 36 years and purchased this model 2 years ago.

The blades did not last a month and you had to buy the entire head to replace the blades. This was expensive. The company re-engineered the head and the newer head offered similar results and again you had to replace the entire head. The customer service offered no assistance-I wanted my money back because this product was horrible.

Plus, monthly head replacement costs would amount to over $600 a year. For the first time I switched back to blades. I am satisfied with the blades, the shave, and the cost to shave.

Somewhere along the line Norelco decided to stop focusing on customer satisfaction. The products are horrible in quality and cost.

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